Power in Numbers

When publishing a report on behalf of the U.S. Department of Education, Luminary Labs asked me to design a 508-compliant accessible PDF that would bolster its shareability. As the document was the first in a series of four, I was tasked with establishing a clear, modern-feeling aesthetic and template for the forthcoming reports.

The final design presents report findings in a friendly, engaging, and open manner — encouraging reader engagement and communicating the importance of adult mathematics education. Custom icons and illustrations add visual interest, and a flexible grid system ensures a linear read.

Design: Audrey Stanton
Direction: Kate Machtiger, Mahala Pagán
Content: Luminary Labs

Cover of 'Power in Numbers' report 'The Math Gap',
Selected designed pages of 'Power in Numbers' report.
Social media ad for 'Power in Numbers' project, with headline 'How can Open Educational Resources help close the math gap?.